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You know what makes my heart smile?  When my niece wants to bake with me.  Sure, it may have been a long day but when she gets so excited over the prospect of baking with Aunt Buffy, well, what’s a girl to do but break out the aprons.

I will tell you that I’m still kind of a novice at the whole baking with kids thing so we didn’t really do any “from scratch” baking.  My brother and sis-in-law had a cupcake mix that was simple and manageable for little hands.  Mixes are great, though, because kids still get a kick out of something like pouring ingredients into a bowl and I love that.  They feel so rewarded for being able to get something from point a to point b in one go.  Like, look, there it is!  It didn’t disappear and it’s not all over the floor!  I DID IT!!  It’s pretty wonderful stuff.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a lot of photographic evidence of this magic but I think the results speak for themselves.  Next time I will make a conscious effort to get some pictures of how gosh darn cute my niece is in her baking gear.  Maybe I’ll even get my nephew in on the fun!


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